“Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant” JSC

Development stages


USSR Council of Ministers signed the decree to start construction of Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant.


UKTMP JSC construction was started according to the complex design developed by branch institutes Giredmet and VAMI.     


Pilot shop was commissioned into operation


March 6 – first Kazakhstan titanium sponge was obtained.


February 12 – first Kazakhstan magnesium was obtained.


March 27 – State commission signed acceptance act for the first stage of titanium and magnesium plant.  This date is the birthday of UKTMP.  


March 26 - second stage of the plant was commissioned.


The plant has started delivery of titanium and magnesium to abroad.  


Titanium sponge grade TG-100 and magnesium was given a state quality label.


March 26 – designed capacity of titanium production was achieved.


Based on the strategic decision of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – N.A.Nazarbaev on development of big industrial complexes of the country and as per the initiative of B.M.Shayakhmetov “Program of Kazakhstan titanium industry development for 1992-1997” was developed and accepted by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Changes and amendments to the mentioned program were approved in 1996 by the statement of RK Government “About further development of titanium and magnesium industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 1996-2001”.  


With participation of UKTMP JSC geological exploration works were performed at Satpayevsk mine, as the result stocks of titanium containing mineral raw material were approved.  


On the basis of Satpayevsk mine joint mining company «Satpayevsk Titanium Mines Ltd» was created with participation of UKTMP JSC.


October 16 - ore and thermal complex for production of titanium slag was commissioned during the visit of RK President – N.A.Nazarbayev at UKTMP JSC.


Aubert et Duval and UKTMP JSC created Kazakhstan-French joint venture UKAD. Main activity of UKAD JV is to process titanium ingots and alloys produced by UKTMP JSC into titanium forgings, sheets, bars and wire.  


UKTMP JSC and south Korean company POSCO created Kazakhstan-Korean joint venture POSUK Titanium LLC. Purpose to create this joint venture is construction of plant for production of titanium ingots and slabs by electronic-beam melting.


September 6 – in presence of RK President – N.A.Nazarbaev shop for production of titanium ingots and alloys (shop 14) was officially commissioned into operation. Realization of this project was highly appreciated by the Head of the country and awarded by “Altyn Sapa” medal in nomination “Industrial achievements”.  


September 19 – commissioning of UKAD JV for production of high technological titanium products took place during the visit of RK President – N.A.Nazarbayev to Franceв. 


Construction of POSUK Titanium LLC JV for production of titanium ingots and slabs was started in October in Ust-Kamenogorsk.


In order to increase share of Kazakhstan titanium in the world market and further expansion of sales market, UKTMP JSC has developed “UKTMP Development program for 2012-2022” which is approved by the Board of Directors.