“Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant” JSC

Medical service

Medical care of  UKTMK JSC  is performed on the base of  the medical center named after Bagdat Muhametovich Shayakhmetov (1946-2013).

Medical Center is designed for 240 visits per shift. For patient care medical center hired highly qualified medical staff of 135 people.

Consultations are  provided by 20 doctors of different specialties:

-  neurologist;

- ophthalmologist (eye specialist);

- otolaryngologist (ENT doctor);

- urologist;

- allergologist ;

- gynecologist;

- hematologist;

- traumatologist;

- nephrologist;

- psychiatrist;

- dermatovenerologist;

- oncologist;

- cardiologist;

- narcologist;

- dentist;

- radiologist;

- industrial pathologist;

- functional diagnostics  specialist;

- ultrasound investigation specialist;

- laboratory doctor;

Diagnostic services include:

- laboratory diagnosis;

- X-ray diagnosis;

- ultrasound diagnostics;

- endoscopic - fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy;

- functional diagnostics - ECG, Holter monitoring, spirography;

- hardware diagnostics for eye, ENT, neurological, gynecological diseases.

To carry out treatment and recovery procedures the following rooms  are available:

- day patient department;

- pharmacy;

- dental surgery office;

- eye procedures, ENT, gynecological diseases office;

- physiotherapist's office;

-  antler procedures room;

- manual and mechanical massage room;

- water procedures room;

- inhalation room.

The uniqueness of the medical center is that it is "the one day hospital ," that is, patients referred to the center, are able to get the full range of high quality medical services from diagnosis to all necessary medical procedures.

Medical center is fitted out with the latest high-tech medical equipment of  leading manufacturers. Radiodiagnosis  and modern X-ray rooms provide high quality images in conjunction with a minimum radiation exposure to the patient. There is  a multifunctional gastroduodenofibroscope with a halogen light source in the endoscopy room . Modern equipment  of the ultrasound diagnostics room  allows  early diagnosis of patients with cardiac, urological, oncological, gynecological and many other diseases.


               ► Clinical and diagnostic department;

               ► Radiology department;

               ► Gynecology department;

               ► Surgery department

               ► Dental department;

               ► Children's department;

               ► Day hospital;

               ► Prevention;

               ► Administrative-and-household department.

The Medical Center named after Mr. B. M. Shayakhmetov provides following services for the population registereded in Novaya and Staraya Sogra, Zagorodniy, Raduzhniy, microdistricts of Armaturniy Plant, Gavan, podhoz CZK, Korshunovo station:

-consultation of primary care physician, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynaecologist;

- home nursing;

- clinical blood analysis as per direction of primary health care unit;

- clinical urine analysis as per direction of primary health care unit;

- blood sugar rate analysis for the patients with diabetes diagnosis once a quarter;

- sickness certificate issuance, conclusion of medical advisory commission for children;

-all kinds of immunizations and injections as per prescriptions of doctors of primary health care unit;

- pharmaceutical benefits of patients that are registered in “D” follow-up;

All kinds of screening examinations according to age groups.