“Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant” JSC

Trade union committee

The initial trade union organization of Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant JSC was created in December 1958 and currently comprises 2769 people of trade union. Chairman of trade union committee is Mr. Pismarkin Gennadiy Nikolaevich.

The trade union organization consists of 14 trade union shop committees and trade union organizations «Kablan С» LLC, «Satpayevsk mining enterprise» LLC.

Every month there are meetings in shop trade union organizations during which issues regarding labor protection and safety, work-rest regime, organization and participation in cultural and sportive activities, provision of social bonuses and warrantees and other issues within the scope of the trade union activity are being discussed.  

Main directions of trade union activity are defined in the Charter and include: first of all protection of individual and collective labor, social and economic, professional interests of trade union members, participation in development and conclusion of collective contract, control of its execution, organization of public control of labor protection, cultural and health and fitness work among working staff, organization of recreation for workers and members of their families, assistance to members of trade union to solve the problems, cooperation with employer, government authorities when defending the interests of trade union members.

One of the directions is to conclude collective contract and control of its execution. Currently exiting collective contract was concluded in October 2011 for the period of 4 years. Such sections as  «Work-rest regime», «Labor payment», «Protection of labor and health», «Occupation of workers», «Labor discipline», «Social sphere», «Social bonuses and warrantees», «Solution of individual and collective labor issues» are included into collective contract.

There is an annual check for execution of collective contract. There were no remarks on execution of obligations during the validity period of the collective contract, this was noted on all shop trade union conferences, packet of social warrantees for the plant employees included into collective contract for 2013 was KZT 59 147 for one employee. . 

Commissions of trade union of the plant regularly check provision of plant employees with safety uniform, safety shoes and other individual protection means, chairmen of shop committees take part in work of the commission for incoming inspection of quality of safety uniform and safety shoes arriving at the plant. Every quarter there are checks of operation of canteens located on the territory of the plant, sanitary condition of personal service rooms, completeness and due provision of medicines for medicine boxes at working places, quality of washing of safety uniform.